Matt & Jade


When Matt and Jade told me they were going to explore a beautiful mountain waterhole above Anawhata Beach on Auckland's West Coast, I knew we had to incorporate that into their engagement shoot. Those are the best shoots - when you do what you were going to do anyway, but have a (fun) photographer come and hang out.

We started the morning like every morning should be started: hot coffee and the sunrise. It was funny to hear Matt and Jade talking about how they should do this more often and how this was probably one of their best dates. I am sure there will be more hot dates to come!

After starting the day off right, what followed was a super chilled combination of trekking through bush and following human sized rabbit tracks through undergrowth, realising how unfit we are and enjoying a mountaintop perch a eagle would be proud of. New Zealand, you really are something special.

Matt and Jade are two of the easiest and most genuine people to spend time with, and are friends I am lucky enough to have gotten to know. I can't wait to photograph their wedding soon, its going to be just as much fun.


Alex & Izak

On the Lake



We woke before the crack of dawn, half asleep but slowly being brought to life by the warm glow of the rising sun. There is something special about starting off while the world is still asleep; when you are surrounded by freezing misty air, silently gliding out on still water and slowly being engulfed by light as the sun works its way into a full blown furnace. 

This sweet little shoot was so much fun. You get to do so much more when you start early! We explored the lake on a Canadian canoe, climbed through moss-covered forest, soaked in natural hot springs and finished it off properly with a lakeside fire. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe another adventure soon!