Bucket List



I’ve compiled a list of places that are on our bucket list to experience, and would love to experience it with an incredible couple too! I am offering discounted packages to any couples that would like to bring us with them to any of these places! Travel is what makes our hearts beat hardest, and making new friends along the way is one of our favorite things. If your dream shoot/wedding day matches up with any of these, let’s make it happen!




  • Intimate + adventurous wedding (must be <50 people present)
  • Portrait session
  • Must be down for a good time

Jerusalem / India / Bali
Morocco / Norway / Kenya
Patagonia / Faroe Islands

If you and your love are planning something unique, intimate and adventurous, but your dream location isn’t on this list, please contact us! We want to see every corner of the world we can, and would love to do it with you.

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