Amea is a young woman with a mission to change education in the Gulf of Papua New Guinea. Her own schooling was erratic and she had to persevere through many challenges, like absent teachers and a lack of resources. Throughout all this, a firm resolve grew that one day she would do what she could to make schooling better for the little ones in her village. Her chance came when she was sent by her village church to attend a short training course at Kapuna Life School. Here her passion for teaching flourished and she was invited to be part of a one-year teacher trainee course. This course, supported by Kapuna Life School, taught teachers how to use Uniskript (Uniskript idea comes from University of the Nations (YWAM) to help children learn to read and write in their own language, making the jump to mastering written English much more manageable. Amea took hold of this as a key that would help her children to succeed. Now, Amea can be found teaching her fifty-eight students using reading books she writes and illustrates herself. The thankful parents in her village bring her crabs, sago and bananas from time to time to show their appreciation. It is Amea’s love for her children and her faith that God is good that keeps her going.