Gary & Miriam



Gary and Miriam

I love how warm and homely this little wedding was. Everything had a touch of love and handmade, thanks to the handy work of Gary and his Dad. Lismore house was the perfect venue for this beautiful union, set snug in the heart of Martinborough and surrounded by vines and lots of room to enjoy games, while getting a good dose of that exceptional Wairarapa sunshine. Even when it's pouring with rain in Wellington, it always seems to be perfect out here! Just arriving everyone seemed to be more relaxed, maybe it was the vines or the wine, but both were grape ;)

It was a wonderful family effort, from the army of brothers who helped with the heavy lifting to the unbearably cute kids who made everyone smile and laugh. If you are unsure about having kids at your wedding - just do it! Even the dog played a role, delivering the rings at the right time. It was just how secure the rings were tied on that was the problem, but everyone enjoyed watching the best man struggle to balance keeping the dog happy while trying to get the rings of it. I suppose you can't be the best at everything.

The main shoot was a blast, even when one of the cars decided to give up on life, everyone squashed in to the remaining cars and we made it back, a little (ok very) late. No one seemed to notice much, which is a great sign that everyone is having a wonderful time.

Miriam and Gary were fantastic to work with. They really knew what they loved which made it super easy for me, but were still happy for me to take full artistic licence with the photography and totally trusted me with bringing together their vision. It was great working alongside such an amazing team of vendors on this wedding, from Providore catering , Franks cafe , Oliver goods, Fancymytake- wedding cakes , Wilson and Reilly - flowers , Swain building services- bar/wooden dance floor/ archway, Sally eagle bridal - Wedding dress. They all did a fantastic job on this wedding, making it such a special day.