Marisa & Zach

From the moment I heard from Marisa and Zach about where they wanted to have their wedding and what ideas they had in mind, I knew it was going to be magical. I just had no idea how magical it would end up being.  

After arriving in Wellington and being picked up by the wonderful videographers, we headed out to the Wairarapa Coast in nothing less than a Mercedes G wagon, (it may or may not have had a working clutch), to scout the spots for the wedding day. We met some friendly locals and stopped at cosy cafés along the way in our search of the perfect spot. And what a spot we found! It's these kinda places where you know magic will happen! 

The wedding day was filled with beautiful people and wonderful sounds. There was music all through the day, from a stunning Paraparaumu choir to a beautifully written and sung love song by the groom. What more could you ask for? Just when we thought it couldn't get better, there was perfect sunset lighting up the cliff line giving the couple a backdrop they will always remember.

I could go on talking about how amazing Marisa and Zach's wedding was but that would take a while. Instead, I hope the following images give you a glimpse into their stunning day.

Nailed it!


Ceremony Venue: St Patrick’s Church, Masterton

Reception Venue:



Hair: Tory Twentyman